Sucarn will present a selection of high-end mature meats at Meat Attraction’s 19.

The company specializing in the wholesale marketing of meat products and derivatives, SUCARN, will be present at Meat Attraction Exhibition 2019. Sucarn, who already surprised in the previous two editions of the Meat Exhibition with the quality and novelty of its products, will present in this edition a selection of high-end beef and veal, matured up to a maximum of 35 days. Sucarn will attend Meat Attraction, which will be held from September 17 to 19 in Madrid, at the Anafric joint stand, in which the Meat Association is presented together with 7 major reference companies in Spain, repeating the successful experience of the last call.

Meat Attraction 2019 is the stage chosen by the veteran firm Sucarn, which this year celebrated its 35th anniversary, to present an exclusive selection of first quality beef, matured “in optimal conditions and under very strict control”, explain Valentín Choya, general manager of Sucarn. The company intends to enter the matured meat market strongly and, in this sense, the CEO says that “out bet is to offer the best matured cuts that can be found in the Spanish market”. Sucarn has made an important investment in a specific chamber for meat maturation. “We have designed the camera very carefully, above all, we were concerned about achieving the optimum balance of the unit, both in the flow of air circulation, such as temperature, and humidity”.

Juicy, tender and soft meat

The meats that will be presented will be a selection of cuts of beef (cow and veal) with maturations that will range between 15/21 days for the veal, and 35 days for the cow. “These maturation periods and under the conditions with which we treat the meat, contribute to the special product juiciness and a very tender texture. From 21 days, Choya explains, “ripening contributed to the intensification of flavor”.

The keys for this expert in the sector of their ripened products are, first of all, the excellent quality cuts chosen for ripening. “They are very infiltrated meats, and coming from animals that live in excellent conditions and secondly, the rigorous controls throughout the ripening process.” Sucarn will offer a guided tasting of ripening with grilled cuts at Meat Attraction.

Sucarn speciality

The Sucarn company specializes, above all, in imported beef, sheep and goats, as well as an extensive catalog of exotic meats. Of his offer, stand out products like his excellent and well-known cooked pork knuckle “German style” with more than 15 years of presence in the market. It is an innovative company that has introduced numerous cuts of meat in the Spanish market for many years. This wholesale company that distributes throughout Spain, highlights the wide range of products available, as well as the ability to offer each customer what they demand, “even when it comes to cuts that are not common in our market.” From its headquarters in Barcelona and commercial offices in Madrid, Valencia, Vigo, San Sebastián, Albacete and Torrevieja, it regularly distributes to more than 700 customers.


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