Success of the Provacuno Christmas campaign

Provacuno has shown its satisfaction through a statement regarding the results of its campaign “Christmas Dinners, the Champions of Homemade Food”, which it has developed during Christmas to encourage the consumption of beef. The PROVACUNO campaign began last November, when the Fans del Vacuno  website and its social networks encouraged the almost 110,000 followers to choose the shirt that best represented the community of beef lovers. The one selected was Atlético Chuletón, from which a hundred fans were sent to make a team.

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Already in December and January, the campaign has had a continuous presence in the media and main websites and social networks, with the support of the distribution, the sector or influencers and celebrities, with which the objective of exceeding the 80 million people reached to reach 94.1 million, the greatest impact of the campaigns carried out by the interprofessional.

Thanks, in large part, to its appearance on the main television channels and in the online world, where it has been possible to see the funny spot, in which several participants struggled to make their homemade dishes win in that kind of competition that in each house it is organized to prepare the star recipe. What the community of Beef Fans has called for this campaign the “Homemade Food Champions”.

2,000 rations of ‘Michelin star’ food delivered to needy families

Neither have there been a lack of solidarity actions from the interprofessional. Thus, during two key days of Christmas, such as December 22 and 30, PROVACUNO has had the full collaboration of the city councils of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​respectively, to distribute more than 2,000 rations of food among the neediest families from both cities. In the Madrid capital, Michelin star chefs such as Diego Guerrero (DSTAgE restaurant), Juan Lu Fernández (Lu Cocina y Alma), Iván Cerdeño (Iván Cerdeño), Luis Valls (El Poblet) and Javier Aranda (Gaytán) participated in the preparation of 1,000 servings of Veal Cheek with truffled potato puree; While in the Catalan capital, Paolo Casagrande (Lasarte), Paco Pérez (Miramar), Joel Castanyé (La Boscana restaurant) and Juan Lu Fernández (Lu Cocina and Alma) cooked veal Fricandó with mushrooms for another thousand families.

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