Texas law prohibits the terms “meat, pork and beef” on the labels of vegetable products

They pass a bill in Texas that prohibits the use of the terms “meat”, “pork” and “beef” on the labels of vegetable products. It also includes hamburgers. Bill 316 approved in the Texas State House of Representatives prohibits companies that produce food from insects, plants or cell cultures, and not from slaughtered animals, from using the words: meat, pork on their labels, poultry or beef.

According to Brad Buckley, the legislator who introduced the bill, “this is for those who choose to eat meat, but it is also for those who choose not to eat meat” because “the definitions of the various types of meat and non-meat products will strengthen the understanding of consumers of what they are buying, while promoting seller transparency. ”

The Texas and Southwest Livestock Association, the Texas Poultry Federation, and the Texas Hog Producers Association all joined the measure.

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