The approval of the RD on video surveillance in slaughterhouses is “imminent”

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs will approve a royal decree on video surveillance in slaughterhouses to comply with the regulations demanded by the employers and “necessary to improve animal welfare”, as announced by the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón. In his appearance on June 23, the minister highlighted, among other measures, “the implementation of regulations to ensure animal welfare in slaughterhouses by installing video surveillance cameras.” Before the Health and Consumption Commission of Congress, Garzón has also announced the creation of a general sub-directorate for the study, surveillance, inspection, development and application of the sanctioning competence of the State in the face of massive fraud.

It would be, the minister said in his appearance, of “complying with the regulations that are demanded by the sector, by employers, by civil society associations and that is absolutely necessary to also improve animal welfare.”

The installation of video surveillance systems in slaughterhouses is only mandatory in the United Kingdom. The initiative, as Anafric has published in its news section, aims to supervise correct compliance with animal welfare conditions in slaughterhouses, understanding that this will improve the self-control capacity of companies and guarantee the good work of workers, as well as the control of compliance by the Official Veterinary Services. The initiative has been in public information and allegations could be submitted until April 23, 2021.

In principle, the government intended to approve it at the end of 2021, but the publication has been delayed.

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