The ‘Certified Welfare Commitment’ is already present among the major Spanish retail groups

Carrefour, Alcampo, Consum, El Corte Inglés and Aldi offer products with this seal on their shelves, which guarantees compliance with the most demanding animal welfare requirements in the world. The commitment of the companies to have this seal on their shelves indicates their firm commitment to animal welfare and the demands of consumers, to whom they offer a product that, in order to obtain this seal, has had to comply with the most demanding animal welfare requirements in the world, both on farms and in transport and industry.

This was stated by the Animal Welfare technician INTERPORC, Daniel Hernandez, during the conference ‘Current scenario, and future scenarios for the pig sector’, organized by the Union of Farmers Castilla y Leon (UCCL), which has highlighted “the firm commitment of companies and farms for the care of livestock and to meet the demands of consumers, which offer a product that meets the most stringent requirements in the world in animal welfare, both on farms and in transport and industry.

Products with the ‘Certified Welfare Commitment’ seal are available to millions of customers throughout Spain thanks to the support of the initiative by large distribution chains and retail and specialised distribution, as thousands of butcher’s shops also offer them. Internationally, they are also present in chains such as TESCO and Morrisons.

The control of compliance with the measures set out in the Regulation is carried out through periodic audits by certifiers independent of INTERPORC, and by accredited professionals with extensive experience in animal welfare and biosecurity, who evaluate the degree of compliance in a systematic, objective, measurable and quantifiable way, and ensure that the agents that obtain the seal strictly comply with all the parameters set out in the demanding Regulation.


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