The Commission launches a consultation to review the policy for the promotion of agri-food products

On March 31, the European Commission launched a public consultation, the objective of which is to gather opinions on different policy options, designed to ensure that the future EU agri-food promotion policy will support the transition towards more sustainable food systems and will push consumers to a balanced diet, while strengthening the global competitiveness of farmers and companies in the sector. The consultation is open for 12 weeks, from March 31 to June 23, 2021.


Who can respond to the query?

All citizens and organizations can contribute to this consultation. The European Commission requests contributions from organizations representing the agricultural sector, producer organizations; organizations in the food processing sector; consumer organizations; organizations in the trade promotion sector, European federations, national organizations, chambers of commerce and private companies; retail sector organizations; public authorities and policy makers dealing with agri-food promotion, the environment, public health and animal welfare organizations, non-EU countries; think tanks, research institutes and universities; individuals and many others.

Why is the European Commission consulting?

Promotion campaigns on EU agricultural products are designed to open up new market opportunities for EU farmers and the food industry in general, as well as help them develop their existing businesses. This consultation will seek opinions on how the promotion policy can improve its contribution to promoting more sustainable production and consumption, and more balanced diets in line with the European Commission’s farm-to-fork and biodiversity strategies.

The proposed changes in the EU agri-food promotion policy, with which the European Commission intends to direct consumers towards certain foods, to the detriment of others, have already been criticized by some productive sectors, such as of the production / transformation of some meats and dairy products, or those of the industry and commercialization of alcoholic beverages, including wine, among others.


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