The EU registers a decrease in its livestock in 2023

The number of livestock in the European Union (EU) decreased by 1% in 2023 compared to the previous year, in line with the trend of the last decade by which all livestock species have decreased, as reported this Tuesday by the community statistical office Eurostat.

This is reflected by EFEAgro, which expands the information by adding that in 2023, the EU had 133 million pigs, 74 million cattle, 58 million sheep and 11 million goats, as reflected in the provisional data published today by Eurostat.

In the EU as a whole, over the last decade, populations of all livestock species have declined, with the EU cattle population declining the least (5%) compared to 2013, followed by pigs ( 6%), sheep (9%).

However, the number of goats in Europe experienced a sharp decline (15%) compared to 2013.

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