The European Commission launches a public consultation on food labeling. Participate now!

Within the EU strategy From Farm to Table, the EU is launching a proposal to revise the rules on information provided to consumers. The objective of this proposal is to guarantee better information on labeling to help citizens make healthier and more sustainable food choices and deal with food waste. Participate Now!

Considering current labeling regulations, the nutritional information provided on food packaging is not always well understood, clear and simple, making it difficult to choose healthy foods. Additionally, health and nutrition claims can sometimes mask the overall nutritional status of food products, which could be misleading for consumers trying to make good health choices.

What the EU proposes:

  • Introduce a standard and mandatory nutritional labeling on the front of the container.
  • Expand the mandatory information on the origin or provenance of certain products.
  • Review the rules on the indication of dates (expiration dates and preferred consumption dates).

The public consultation aims to receive input from a wide range of citizens and stakeholders, in particular competent national authorities, non-governmental organizations, academia, scientific experts, food business operators, economic operators and their associations. professionals.

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