The European Green Deal is the European Commission’s roadmap towards a new economic model of circular growth, according to Luis Planas

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has participated in the Food Forum, in the conference “Implications of the green strategy of the European Commission for food in Spain” and has indicated that the Green Pact (Green Deal) is the EC’s roadmap towards a new economic model of circular economy.


For the minister, the transition to this new economic model must have the support of a CAP focused on the Green Pact. The new CAP, he said, is not a continuation of the current policy, but a full stop towards a more sustainable model and, Spain, is well placed because it has a competitive sector capable of facing new challenges.


Spain “is well placed to face the challenges that arise”. The minister has indicated that, before the entry into force of the new CAP in 2023, the sector will have useful time to advance in these new challenges that will mark the next decade of a more sustainable agri-food.


Within the framework of community strategies, the minister stressed that Spanish organic farming is configured as a strategic sector and leader in the community sphere, since it is the EU country with the largest number of hectares dedicated to organic crops (2, 3 millions). He highlighted that the ecological extension already represents 9.6% of the useful agricultural area (UAA), a good starting point to reach the “perfectly achievable” objective of 25% by 2030.


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