The European recommendations for animal welfare in transport are approved

The European Parliament approved this Thursday a series of recommendations by which it will ask member countries to tighten regulations regarding animal welfare during transport. After 18 months of investigation, the House committee concluded that EU provisions in this area “are not always met in the Member States and that the different needs of animals are not fully taken into account”. With 557 votes in favour, 55 against and 78 abstentions, the new recommendations urge the Commission and member countries to redouble efforts to respect animal welfare during transport, update EU rules and appoint a European commissioner responsible for welfare animal.

The most common violations have to do with:

  • The lack of space.
  • The supply of water and food.
    The movement of animals not suitable for transport
  • Overcrowding
  • The use of inappropriate vehicles.
  • Transport under extreme temperatures and for extended periods.

The EU emphasizes reducing the time between leaving the farms and the destination, explain some associations, even calling for the creation of regional slaughterhouses. MEPs criticize that there is no control system for the transport of animals to non-EU countries, so they require Member States to inspect all shipments outside the Union to ensure that animals are fed and hydrated and that there is enough space.

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