The FEMP expresses its support for the Ramader-Càrnica municipal network

The Secretary General of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), Carlos Daniel Casares Díaz, has addressed a letter to the presidents of the six interprofessional organizations of the livestock-meat chain, to convey their support to the new Municipal Network Ramader -Meat. The presidents of the founding organizations, Asici (Iberian), Avianza (birds), Intercun (rabbit), INTEROVIC (sheep and goat), Interporc (white coat pig) and Provacuno (cattle), thanked the support of the FEMP, which, as the main national association at the municipal level, is a fundamental recognition for the platform.


In his letter, Casares assures that the FEMP agrees that the “economic and social relevance” of the sector is valued “for reconstruction after the Covid-19 crisis.” Likewise, he affirms that “the livestock-meat chain is one of the fundamental economic levers for the future of economic activity in the rural environment.”

In this sense, the words of the General Secretary of the FEMP are fully aligned with the objective of the Municipal Livestock-Meat Network, which aims to give visibility to the role of municipalities in the operation of the sector, as well as to promote public-private collaboration to municipal level. Casares positions itself along this line, arguing that “it is important that municipalities can develop actions or promotion strategies” of the sector, which also “has demonstrated its resilience and strategic strength” during the Covid-19 crisis.

For the Municipal Cattle-Meat Network, the endorsement transferred by the FEMP is an incentive to continue building a pioneering project for the chain. In addition, according to Casares, it is expected that a Macro Collaboration Agreement will be signed in the near future to promote the initiative within the framework of the FEMP work.

In turn, the founding interprofessional organizations continue to collaborate with dozens of municipalities with a presence in the sector, in order to manage their adherence to the project.

How to join the Network
Any municipality where the livestock-meat sector is active can be part of this Network, through the approval of an institutional declaration in the plenary session of its council. Interested municipalities can find information on the website, from where they can also contact the project administrators.

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