The Fribin Company with Anafric at Meat Attraction 2019

The Aragonese company FRIBIN will participate in Meat Attraction 2019, in Madrid, in September. It will do so at the joint stand of the ANAFRIC Meat Business Association, with 7 major reference companies from Spain.

The FRIBIN company will close 2019, exporting just over 65% of its total meat production. The Aragonese company, with a 53-year history and a workforce of more than 600 workers, is specialized in beef and pork. Fribin has increased, since 2016, sales destined for export by 20%. “Our goal is, without forgetting the national distribution, to continue growing in the foreign market”, says its CEO, Josep Rosanas. With an annual production of 100,000 t of meat, FRIBIN is among the top four beef industries in Spain. The company is ranked 17, in pig. FRIBIN closed 2018 with a turnover of 279 million euros.

Growing in Europe and Asia

“We seek growth in Europe and Asia. We have achieved a progressive trend since 2016, reaching 65% of sales in foreign markets”, explains the general director of FRIBIN, Josep Rosanas. “We want to continue growing in the foreign market, if possible, at a rate of 5% per year. It is a very demanding challenge that forces us to be a company in continuous expansion that offers quality and service in a competitive, modern and sustainable way”. In this sense, the Aragonese company is currently undertaking an important project to expand and reform its pig slaughter line that will be completed in 2020. FRIBIN exports to more than 30 countries, including Japan, Korea and the Philippines. And also to most European countries (Greece, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic and Poland, etc.)


On the other hand and thanks to the fleet of own vehicles, FRIBIN distributes throughout the national geography quickly. The company from Binéfar has beef and pork slaughter lines, cutting rooms and refrigerated and frozen stores. Rosanas recalls that “we also have a division of processed products (cold meats and hams) that allows us to work quality elaborations with our own meat and that represent 2% of our sales with about 1,000 tons per year”.


Halal experience and growth potential

Since 2002, Fribin has been certified by the Halal Institute. This allows him to perform the ritual slaughter and market beef for the consumption of people of Muslim religion.

Rosanas explains that “although it is not an easy market, they must be previously approved and adapt to the official procedures and requirements of each country, but from FRIBIN we see in the Muslim countries a growth potential with the export of our halal product”. Currently, FRIBIN exports its ritual meat to African countries such as Algeria and Tunisia, and also to different European destinations.

Reach new customers

FRIBIN will participate in the third edition of Meat Attraction, next September in Madrid, in the joint stand presented by the ANAFRIC Meat Business Association, with 7 large companies from the reference field in Spain. The presence of FRIBIN in the meat exhibition will be oriented, “to make new international contacts in order to achieve our export growth objectives”, explains Rosanas.

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