The Government allocates 1,051 million to the digitization and sustainability of the agri-food and fishing sector

This is the total amount of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, which has been sent to Brussels. Specifically, these grants are aimed at improving the sustainability, competitiveness and resistance of the agri-food sector, both from an economic, environmental and social point of view so that it can contribute to the achievement of national, European and international objectives.

The document emphasizes that the measures in this sector are “strategic” from the point of view of supplying food to the population at reasonable and stable prices and the contribution of the sector to the balance of the Spanish trade balance, key in the economic recovery.

In the plan to promote the sustainability and competitiveness of agriculture and livestock, 307 million euros will be allocated for investments in precision agriculture, energy efficiency and circular economy in the agricultural and livestock sector.

The Government is carrying out the Food Chain Law, which is currently being processed in the Congress of Deputies, whose publication is scheduled for the second half of this year.

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