The Government of Catalonia plans to identify sustainable farms without the need to be ecological

The Government is working on a project that plans to facilitate the identification of sustainable agricultural and livestock production without the need to be organic.

For the Govern de la Generalitat “there is still a long way to go” for this project to enter into force, and a minimum period of three years has been planned to be able to define the good agricultural practices that would allow it to have the seal of sustainable agriculture and approve the legislation necessary.

Despite this, next year the dissemination of these good practices will begin and a self-assessment tool for producers will be published. This tool will be in the form of a traffic light and will allow different aspects of production to be taken into account.

This measure has not yet caught on in the sector. The national head of the ecological agriculture and livestock sector of Unió de Pagesos, Ferran Berenguer, has shown the “frontal rejection” of this project. He has assured that if approved “it will cause confusion to consumers” and has lamented that the Government has not explained on what basis a farm will be considered sustainable.

The Generalitat culminated last week a participatory process to design the new action plan for organic production until 2027, started before the European Parliament earlier this month called for national strategies and support for producers to promote organic farming.

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