The Junta de Extremadura distributes more than 560 million between ranchers and farmers of the PAC

Until June 30, the Board of Extramadura has paid the amount of 562,675,246 euros, corresponding to the Single Application of the PAC. Direct aid stands out, that is, basic payment, green payment, young and small farmers, and aid associated with agriculture and livestock, 507 million euros have been paid to 49,374 professionals in the field.

On the other hand, as a result of the increase in production costs and the war in Ukraine, 2.5 million euros have been paid to dairy cattle, sheep and goats.

The Royal Decree Law has also been approved, an urgent measure that aims to reverse the situation, and, through which, 30.4 million euros have been distributed to farmers who are dedicated to beef, sheep meat, goat meat, chicken, rabbits and citrus. In this sense, this amount, assigned in the sectorial conference to Extremadura, will be deposited before next September 30.


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