The livestock and meat sector will bring to Parliament the processing of information on meat production

The meat and livestock sector is opposed to the treatment of information on meat production by some of the media. On November 9, thirteen meat and livestock organizations sent a manifesto to the Minister of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda (DACC), with the aim of positioning itself in the face of continuous attacks by animal organizations, companies , of public bodies and certain media, among others. Anafric has supported the manifesto.

The signatories provided scientific and proven data on the benefits of including animal protein in a balanced way as part of the Mediterranean diet, and the danger posed, for example, by its reduction in school menus for children from low-income families. economic.

The DACC ratified its support for the content of the manifesto at a meeting attended by representatives of the signatory organizations. The Department was attended by Councilor Teresa Jordà; the Secretary of Food, Carmel Mòdol, the General Director of Agriculture and Livestock, Elisenda Guillaumes, and the General Director of Agri-Food, Quality and Gastronomy Companies, Joan Gòdia.

The Department has announced that they are preparing a joint report with IRTA to provide real and verified data on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to agricultural activity. This information should be used to disprove the fake news about livestock and meat production and consumption, which are damaging the image of producers.

The signatories reiterate their intention to develop a communication strategy through interprofessionals, with the support of opinion leaders from the world of science and food. The aim is to counteract the negative image projected by some media outlets and social media that publish biased and unreliable content, criminalizing meat producers.

They are also considering the creation of a weekly television program on the agri-food sector, where they could, among other things, echo the advances of livestock, which is making great efforts to be more efficient and sustainable every day.

In addition, they conveyed to Minister Jordà, her interest in being part of the working groups with Health and Education, which are working to create a subject on food production and food.

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