The livestock – meat system is part of the solution to curb climate change

Adequate nutrition is essential for people’s health, well-being and development. Therefore, we all have the right to a varied and safe diet, which provides the necessary nutrients to lead a healthy and active life, and which satisfies our cultural preferences. A food system is made up of all the elements (environment, population, resources, processes, institutions and infrastructures) and activities related to the production, processing, distribution, preparation and consumption of food, as well as the results of these activities in nutrition and health status, socioeconomic growth, equity, and environmental sustainability.

A sustainable food system is one that guarantees food security and nutrition for all, in a way that does not compromise the economic, social and environmental foundations for future generations. And the livestock-meat system guarantees it.

The livestock – meat system is part of the food systems. Sustainability differentiates us because we work on formulas that contribute to the planet from an economic, political and socially responsible perspective. Therefore, the livestock – meat system is part of the solution.

The UN Food Systems Summit on 23 September lays the foundation for the transformation of global food systems and will chart a path where good food is affordable and accessible and produced in a way that protects the planet.


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