The meat sector could lose 500 million euros due to the rise in prices

The meat sector faces a loss of more than 500 million euros if the escalation in energy prices continues. The data of the 50 main companies in the sector in our country reveal that the increase in the electricity bill will reduce their results by 70%.

Last year the meat industry in our country (almost 3,000 companies) obtained a total turnover of 28,000 million euros, and generated more than 100,000 jobs, the majority in rural areas where livestock activity is also developed. These data support the importance of a sector that generates 25% of total employment in the food sector. In the international market, it has a turnover of 8,680 million euros a year thanks to the quality of its products and competitive prices that are now threatened by the rise in energy costs of production.

Reaffirmation of Anafric’s information

The data has been collected by ANICE and reaffirms the information released by Anafric on September 1, where it alerts the Government of Pedro Sánchez that the consecutive increases in the electricity bill can lead to difficulties in the meat sector, especially for companies that store the meats in large cold rooms. «The sector has raised the cry in the sky. From April to July, the electricity consumption of the sector has remained stable, while the bill has doubled. This situation is not conceivable, which could ruin the economic recovery expected by the government, the employers’ associations and the European institutions ”, pointed out José Friguls, president of Anafric.

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