The new international brand “Beef&Lamb from Spain” is presented

To unify all the processes that meat achieves to achieve a unique quality, “Beef & Lamb from Spain” was born. An umbrella brand promoted by the Interprofessional Organizations INTEROVIC and PROVACUNO and whose objective is to represent all beef and sheep meat in Spain at an international level.

To this end, the Meat Attraction fair has been the setting chosen to present the new brand, where both interprofessionals offer information to professionals on the use and implementation of the brand through an information stand.



Irresistible quality meats

The graphic image of this seal, designed by the prominent Lantern strategic consultancy, represents four fundamental pillars: the extraordinary pleasure of eating unique meats thanks to the best selected grain feed; your low fat percentage due to your age; meats raised under animal welfare that result in natural meats; and lastly, meat produced under the European production model, the strictest in the world and which guarantees maximum food safety and traceability.

In addition, this visual identity combines several concepts. As explained by Alexandre López, manager of Lantern “The first visual concept works on its texture and flavor, secondly, the characteristic climbing of a seal that symbolizes excellence and export capacity has been used. And, thirdly, to talk about the safety and quality that we put on our products, we represent the concept of guarantee”.

A detailed logo, with the product as a flag and a serif style that mixes the best of the past and present, and represents the guarantee of a job well done.


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