The new school for shepherds in Murcia will begin training in March

Farmers trust that the School of Shepherds helps to promote and publicize the sector, in addition to showing the importance it has in the settlement of the population in rural areas. «It is very disheartening to see how the districts are becoming depopulated. It has been proven that extensive livestock farming, together with other agricultural work, helps to fix the population and does so more effectively than agriculture, although it is necessary to distinguish between tree crops, which also help to fix the population, and cereal crops, which do not help so much ”, explain the farmers.

mong the objectives of the school are the need to train a generation of shepherds and the creation of a job bank that can be offered to extensive livestock farms, and the dissemination of the pastoral culture of the Segureño sheep breed, within a framework of social, economic and environmental sustainability.


A training plan has been designed that has ten courses of 30 hours each, divided into 15 hours of theory and 15 hours of practice, which will allow the apprentices of this trade to know very diverse and highly important issues of herding.


The courses include subjects on animals and facilities; food and ethology; health; productive and reproductive management; traceability and records; animal welfare of ruminants; handling and application of biocides in livestock facilities; initiation to beekeeping; artisan production of goat cheese; and knowledge and use of phytosanitary products.


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