The OCV demands a greater participation of veterinarians in environmental management

The Veterinary Collegiate Organization (OCV) claims a greater participation of the veterinarian in activities related to the management, protection and coordination of environmental projects and wild animal populations, as “the first sanitary barrier to be able to make an early detection of communicable diseases both to man and to domestic animals and wildlife ”.

“Interactions between animals and humans and, on occasions, the degradation and alteration of wild habitats are the cause of disease transmission”, underlines the OCV, which indicates that “veterinarians have the necessary professional training to carry out programs zootechnical and sanitary, as well as to carry out epizootiological controls ”.

For this reason, the Veterinary Collegiate Organization insists on “the need for multidisciplinary teams in all sectors of the environmental area, in which the figure of the veterinarian is unquestionable due to his knowledge and experience in matters such as animal production, zoonoses and public health, epidemiology, population diseases and animal welfare, among many others ”.

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