The pig sector employs more than 427,000 people in Spain

The pig sector contributes to generating or maintaining 2.3% of jobs in Spain, according to a report by International Financial Analysts (AFI), which reflects that it concentrates 154,000 direct jobs, to which are added another 172,700 indirect jobs and 99,500 induced jobs.

In total, there are 427,230 workers in the pig sector, to whom the Interprofessional del Pork de Capa Blanca (INTERPORC) pays tribute on Labor Day in a video that highlights their dedication and commitment to do of the Spanish white layer pig sector, the most important livestock sector in Spain and the second largest exporter in the world.



The director of INTERPORC, Alberto Herranz, underlines that “the importance of the sector is even greater in rural areas, since a good part of the jobs are generated and maintained in small municipalities of the so-called ‘Spain emptied’, contributing to establish population and structure the territory by offering job opportunities and generating wealth in thousands of small municipalities ”.

By sectors, the study shows that pigs directly, indirectly and induced 216,800 jobs in the industrial branch; 117,200 in the livestock sector; 81,700 in retail trade; 5,700 in feed manufacturing; and 5,600 in wholesale trade.

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