The prices of meat and derivatives grew an average of 1.5% in 2020

The data on the evolution of the CPI for meat and meat derivatives by the INE with respect to the year 2020 show how the category that increased the most in all of last year was that of dried, salted or smoked meat, which saw a CPI increase by 2, 6%. There was also a strong increase in the case of other meat derivatives whose CPI grew by 1.9%.

Regarding fresh meats, the one that saw its CPI increase the most was that of sheep and goats that grew by 1.9% (1.4% only in December) and that of pork was the one that grew the least with 0.7%.

For beef, the increase was 1.3% and for meat and poultry, 1.4%. In offal, the rise was higher, 1.8%.

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