The PROVACUNO Muy Fans de lo Nuestro campaign achieves more than 68 million hits during the summer

PROVACUNO, Interprofessional Organization of Beef, has successfully completed one of its most ambitious campaigns, prepared for the summer months with the aim of promoting the consumption of Spanish beef in our country, in a year marked by the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. The campaign, which started last July and continued through August and the first weeks of September, has achieved an excellent impact. Thanks to the support of the entire sector, both producers and industrialists as well as leading butchers and distribution chains, such as Alcampo, DIA and Covirán, it has been possible to increase sales of beef.

The figures that show the balance of the campaign are, in the words of Javier López, general director of PROVACUNO, “spectacular.” The union is strength and this campaign has managed to add not only our sector, from the field to the point of sale, but also to many of our beef lovers. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, before, during and after the pandemic, Muy Fans de lo Nuestro has achieved 68.3 million hits, which have been decisive in increasing sales of our beef ”.

With the idea of ​​responsibly celebrating the reunion with family and friends after confinement, the Muy Fans de lo Nuestro campaign opted for the idea that consumers, celebrities, butchers, supermarkets, department stores and all lovers of beef put all the meat on the grill enjoying the best beef, ours.

For this, the interprofessional has worked to give the greatest visibility to this product positioned in the world elite for its quality, taste and tenderness, with a labeling so that consumers could differentiate it from others.

And it is that, for the first time, the interprofessional manages to unite the distribution sector in a campaign, to support the actions carried out both at the point of sale and in the channels of, where raffles have been carried out for one of the best portable barbecue on the market, the best ideas have been offered to get the perfect barbecue and it has had the participation of actors, comedians, television presenters, journalists, athletes, influencers from the world of food and other celebrities, who from Their social networks have also encouraged us to consume our beef. Some channels that already have almost 100,000 fans of this delicious food.



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