The UECBV asks the Commission to urgently introduce market and sector support measures to help operators and producers in the most affected sectors

The Union Européenne du Commerce du Bétail et des Métiers de la Viande (UECBV) -European Livestock and Meats Trade Union – the organization of national federations representing the livestock, live animal and beef, equine and horse traders, of sheep and pigs, and the meat industries (slaughterhouses, cutting rooms and meat preparation), has asked through a letter to the European Commission to introduce urgent measures to support the sector.

This includes financial support measures for operators and producers with the aim of overcoming the financial problems resulting from this crisis, but also the optimal use of CAP market support mechanisms.

We need to stabilize the market, protect income and, at the same time, ensure the continuity of the supply of safe nutritious food for EU citizens and world markets and therefore call for:

  • For the beef and veal sector, the introduction of a private storage aid plan (APS).
  • Financial aid measures for operators and producers in order to overcome the financial situation derived from the problems resulting from this crisis.

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