The WOW seal certifies animal welfare in the transport of animals

In recent years, much progress has been made in this regard, both at the legislative level and at the sectoral self-regulation level through certification. However, the transport of live animals, which is precisely a process that generates a lot of stress, did not yet have an ad-hoc certification in Spain. From now on, live animal transports can be seen on the road with the Welfare On Wheels seal plate (hereinafter WOW), which identifies transporters who know and respect good animal welfare practices.

The WOW seal has been developed at the initiative of ANTA (National Association of Live Animal Transporters) and comes to cover this deficiency in the entire process of transformation of animal products, from farms to points of sale.

This certification focuses on animal welfare during transport. Although other seals verify animal welfare during the life of the animal on the farm and during the slaughter process, until now none of the existing certifications controlled the transport phase, the handling conditions, the characteristics of the transport compartment, the times travel, breaks, carrier training, etc.

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