Transhumance, proposed as a possible Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage

Navarra participates, together with other autonomous communities and under the coordination of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in the preparation of a transnational candidacy so that Transhumance can be part of the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Various trades, traditions, beliefs and rites, dances, etc. have been collected in images. that make up the rich Intangible Cultural Heritage of Navarra, many of them already in the phase of disappearance.

Transhumance is a form of grazing, a long-distance, seasonal movement of people with their livestock (especially sheep, cows and goats) between two geographic and climatic regions along stable routes. “The herders who do this work have deep experiential knowledge about the environment, ecological balance and climate change, as it is one of the most efficient and sustainable livestock systems in terms of resource use.

The accompaniment and coexistence of the documentation team with the shepherds and their companions has made it possible to make this documentary on the practice of transhumance in the 21st century.


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