Transhumance Roadshow: sustainability, workshops, crafts and ancient trade in Fitur by Interovic

The International Tourism Fair, FITUR, has been the setting chosen for the presentation of Trashumancia Roadshow. This initiative, framed within the European Program that INTEROVIC is carrying out between 2021 and 2023, is committed to showing transhumance in an attractive way for today’s citizens. Thanks to the mobile exhibition, presented at the stand of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, society will have the opportunity to visualize transhumance. A trade of always that today can be a tourist alternative in sustainability and awareness.

Transhumance Roadshow is an open window to the biological resource represented by the autochthonous breeds that have emerged over the centuries. Together with the exhibition of photographs of autochthonous breeds by photographer José Barea, who has traveled thousands of kilometers to create this material, Trashumancia Roadshow proposes activities to promote knowledge of this ancient management. Training dynamics on new cuts, showcookings, craft workshops, shearing, wool spinning, markets with local producers, hiking, meat and cheese tastings, are some points of the program.

Union of the countryside and the city

This traveling exhibition shows the Intangible Heritage of Humanity that represents transhumance. It is an opportunity for citizens to have access to the transhumant universe. In its different editions,

Transhumance Roadshow will be a bridge between herding, a trade with 3,000 years of history, and the citizens of the 21st century:

  • Spring 2022: Cañada Real Soriana Occidental. Ávila – Torrecaballeros (Seg.) – Riaza (Seg) – Lands of Burgo and Pinares (So.).
  • Autumn 2022: Cañada Real Vizana or De La Plata. Benavente (Za.) – Baths Of Montemayor (Các.).
  • Spring 2023: Cañada Real Cuenca (to be determined). Vilches (Ja.) – Tomelloso (Ciu.Real) – Serranía de Cuenca – Guadalaviar (Te.)

A route of opportunities to discover transhumance where it has been essential. With activities for all ages, from school dynamics to the elderly. An experiential encounter with one of the most profitable cattle breeding methods in the world.


Three tents full of history
Regarding the need to seek the best quality of life for the animals, the best solution was the coolness of the mountains in summer and the warmth of the lowlands in winter. That transfer is the germ of the Cañadas Reales. In our country, it is estimated that there are about 125,000 kilometers of this type of roads.

Transhumance management promotes biodiversity thanks to the pollination of vegetable seeds in the wool and in the faeces of the cabins. Also cleaning the land, preventing forest fires. Transhumance is also an economic and social resource. Enables activity in empty rural areas. A circular economy that encourages the use of proximity.

Roadshow agenda:

  • BESTIARIUM photographic exhibition, with guided tours commented by the author.
  • Children’s workshops and school visits (4th, 5th and 6th grade students).
  • Route and passage of transterminant cattle through the streets of the towns.
    Informative caravan and activity tents.
  • Craft spinning workshop with merino wool (from the shearing to the end).
  • Exhibition of utensils, tools and samples of wool.
  • Craft loom workshop.
  • Gastronomic tastings of suckling pig, lamb and kid meat.

The Interprofessional Organization for Sheep and Goats, INTEROVIC, lends its support to the organization of this traveling exhibition, which seeks to create a space for communication with society.

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