Transparent, not invisible, the new Interporc campaign. Bringing the reality of the pig sector closer to society

“The reality is that the Spanish pig sector is firmly committed to a more sustainable production model and attentive to animal welfare, and we are obtaining great achievements that we can demonstrate with facts and data, and that allows us to be transparent before society and be very proud of what we do. ”This was highlighted by the president of the Interprofessional del Porcino de Capa Blanca (INTERPORC), Manuel García, during the presentation this afternoon in Madrid of the ‘Transparent, not invisible’ campaign, which aims to bring society the reality of the pig sector.


In the event, presented by the popular ex-basketball player Juan Manuel López Iturriaga, the general director of Agricultural Productions and Markets of MAPA, Esperanza Orellana, and other representatives of the pig sector participated. With ‘Transparent, not invisible’ INTERPORC wants to publicize the day-to-day life of professionals in the sector, who work to supply society with healthy, safe, quality food, which is made with the utmost respect for animals and the environment, which “supports data such as our reduction of more than 40% of GHG emissions for each kilo of meat produced, or 30% of our water footprint,” explained the director of INTERPORC, Alberto Herranz.

Herranz has stressed that “animal health and animal welfare are two great strengths of our sector and are part of our hallmark throughout the world, where we carry the meat and products of the Spanish white layer pig”.

Sustainability and animal welfare

To sustainability, health and animal welfare, Herranz has added the positive social and economic impact generated by the pig sector for rural areas by stating that “we are an essential sector for the survival of thousands of towns in our most rural Spain.”

For her part, the general director of Agricultural Productions and Markets of MAPA, Esperanza Orellana, has assured that “what the sector needs is to bring society closer to its reality and importance for our rural world.”

However, he pointed out, “the sector is visible in homes, where pork consumption increased by 20% in fresh and 15% in processed foods last year, and highly visible in international markets, but it is necessary to explain what there is behind these good figures and to dismantle many myths, with the best way to do it, which is through information ”.

Participatory campaign

‘Transparent, not invisible’ is a communication campaign that has different elements, such as a website in which real stories of professionals in the pig sector will be shared, a video with real farmers that reflects the good work that are making.

It seeks the participation of professionals in the pig sector and that will encourage them to make their day to day known, and that also includes a practical and simple interactive App, called “Our farms”, with which farmers can see how to improve in matters such as slurry treatment or water consumption.

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