UECBV and 5 other European associations in favor of calling things by their name: products associated with meat may only be made from animal products

Six European organizations (AVEC, CLITRAVI, Copa Cogeca, EFFAB, UECBV and the International Confederation of Butchers) have issued a joint note, in which they ask to address the issues that arise regarding the use of traditional names for meat products and dairy products by new products that are marketed taking advantage of these names without being precisely that, meat or dairy products.

The communiqué that they have jointly published points out that “as representative European livestock organizations, we recognize the desire of a segment of European consumers to see an increase in the number of these products on the market.” Without being against these products on the market, however, these entities hope “a fair and consistent marketing that respects both consumers and the work done by generations of farmers and butchers throughout Europe.”

The associations representing the animal sector in Europe state that with the participation of the growing number of multinational companies in the vegan market, “in recent years there has been a push for names such as” steak “,” hamburger “,” sausage “, etc. ., are used in imitations of dairy products and meat of plant origin “.

For this reason, the associations point out that “this commercialization of dairy and non-meat products can clearly mislead EU consumers into thinking that these imitations are an” equal “substitute for the originals”.

“The denominations of the meat are deeply ingrained in our cultural heritage. Bacon, ham, carpaccio, steak, steak, chops and salami are traditional denominations that have been shaped over time by the hard work of farmers and butchers. For the European livestock sector this is not a fight against, but a call for legitimate recognition and respect for the work of millions of farmers and workers in the European livestock sector. ”

Call for reliable information

Representatives of the European livestock chain urge MEPs to defend the original amendment adopted in April 2019 and not to accept any compromise on it. “We cannot compromise with the right of consumers to have reliable information on the characteristics and nutritional aspects of the products they buy.”

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