UN Summit, livestock system and energy

In the framework of the UN Summit on Food Systems, the High-Level Dialogue on Energy is taking place today. It is the first global energy meeting under the auspices of the General Assembly since the 1981 UN Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy. It is the culmination of a year to achieve clean and affordable energy for all by 2030.

Clean and renewable energy is a key element in tackling climate change. In this sense, governments may put clean energy and an increase in the electricity bill on the table.

Precisely, in Anafric we collect the statements of the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock, Luis Planas, in his commitment to promoting the use of renewable energies in agricultural and livestock operations “as an element of lowering the tax bill” of electricity .

These statements took place at the FIGAN livestock fair, held in the Aragonese capital. Planas has argued that wind and solar energy “are the future” of agricultural activity and, therefore, together with the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, they have launched aid plans to encourage savings in the use of electricity and renewable energies.

The Minister of Agriculture has stated that the rise in the price of electricity is a subject “of great interest and concern”, which not only affects Spain, but also neighboring countries such as France, Germany or Italy.


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