Urgent situation in France due to feed prices for the pig industry

The French pork interprofessional, Inaporc, meeting in a general assembly, increased the pressure on distributors to obtain price increases. The interprofessional stated that, despite the emergency aid from the government, many farmers could throw in the towel, as a result of the increase in the price of feed for pigs, which has increased by 25%. According to the magazine Eurocarne, “10,000 pig farms in the country are in a dramatic situation. 10% of them are heading for closure in the coming months and this proportion could increase to 30%”.

The war in Ukraine accelerates the increase in the cost of feed and African swine fever (ASF) in Germany and Italy causes a stagnation, or even a decrease, in European pig prices due to the stocks accumulated by the paralysis of the exports. “The profession is very concerned about the future of many companies if sales prices are not revalued,” explains the interprofessional to PorcMag.

Inaporc notes that the situation is urgent in France.



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