Vaccine fans achieve their goals after four months of campaign

An exciting experience has been carried out from Provacuno and Anafric. We have made the biggest documentary in Spain where the protagonists are the meat and the different sectors or audiences that surround it. In four months he has achieved more than 42,000 followers on social networks, when it was a longer-term goal, a sign that beef fans make us heard.

This is a documentary divided into 5 episodes in which the love of farmers for their animals is captured, the link between human origins and meat and how the sector fights climate change.

These episodes have been released weekly, but now you will find them all at With this campaign we turn to messages that have affected the reputation of meat in general and that of beef in particular.

We invite you to see the chapters and that you can share them in your social networks. And besides, you become fans of the beef, we will thank you.

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