Vegetable protein meat loses steam

Vegetable protein meat loses steam. This is how La Vanguardia explains it in an article that we echo. According to the national newspaper, sales of meat substitutes in the United States have fallen 10.5% until September.

According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, the two biggest self-deterrents are price and taste. “The value of the plant-based product doubles that of conventional meat and for this reason, hamburgers, sausages or vegetable sausages are still a premium product,” he maintains. The second element to improve is the taste. According to the study, despite the fact that 7 out of 10 consumers are interested in trying the product, only 30% consider that vegetable meat tastes the same as or better than the original.

This same study points out that during the pandemic the consumer has returned to basic foods and then hyperinflation has arrived. The prices of raw materials and transport have risen and the increase has been passed on to the final consumer.

In addition, the stock markets have suffered a general decline and there is less money available in the market, which has reduced resources and has increased the demands of investors to achieve profitability. “Given this panorama, a concentration of companies is foreseeable,” they point out in La Vanguardia.

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