Verduguesa is the name chosen by the jury of the PROVACUNO campaign

Provacuno and its expert jury have chosen the word “verduguesa” as the best proposal to name the hamburgers that do not have meat. Now, the intention is to take the name to Brussels so that the European Union accepts it as an alternative to the name “hamburger”, reserved for products that carry 100% beef or other varieties of meat.

Now a month ago, on May 28, and coinciding with World Hamburger Day, PROVACUNO launched the campaign in which it asked users throughout Spain the challenge of proposing an alternative name for these products. Since then, almost 2,000 different proposals have been received from which an expert jury has had to choose the one that best suits reality and that can best fit with this type of product. The winning name was “vegan”, but, being a term that refers to vegan mayonnaise and being a name already “caught”, they have finally opted for “verduguesa”.

PROVACUNO has wanted with this campaign to vindicate the use of the word hamburger only for those who carry meat, because those who do not carry it “are something else.” Behind that funny tone, the meat interprofessional wants society to be aware of the obvious differences that exist between real meat burgers and others, which in many cases contain up to more than 20 ingredients.

Tight choice

The expert jury has been in charge of choosing the name, in a tight choice in which, along with “veganesa” or “verduguesa”, other finalists have been considered such as “londinesa”, in reference to the city of origin of these products ; “Supplantaguesa”, in reference to the joke created for the campaign; as well as “vegaburger”, “veburguer” or “sincarnesa”.

For the actress Dafne Fernández, “it is a term that plays with the green color and the termination of the hamburger, which makes it identifiable”, while for Joe Burguer, one of the biggest fans of the world of burgers in our country, “It totally differs from the word burguer and it would allow us to identify what they really are.” For José Manuel Chica, chef and founding partner of the Beefcious hamburger chain, the name “you could understand what it is from minute 1”; and for the comedian and presenter Nacho García, who has not stopped adding his touch of humor throughout the campaign, “it sounds like something you ask your mother for dinner.”

“We are delighted with the enormous reception of this campaign among our beef fans,” said Javier López, director of PROVACUNO. “Now that we have a winning name, we want to bring it to the European Parliament to be considered as the official term for all these products that do not contain meat. We hope that the European authorities know how to listen to us and accept this reality, which thanks to campaigns such as is fully up-to-date ”.

Although the campaign has ended, PROVACUNO will continue to carry out initiatives that promote the development of the beef sector and professionals.

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