What do our exhibitors think in Alimentaria. Celevant: comprehensive and closed production cycle

From April 4 to 7, Alimentaria returns, stronger than ever. Anafric participates with a multi-exhibitor stand. Celevant is one of the co-exhibitor brands. It is a company dedicated to the butchering, transformation, elaboration and commercialization of veal meat and all its variants. Built more than 30 years ago to achieve a comprehensive and closed production cycle, its facilities receive, process and distribute more than 18,000 tons of beef annually.

What does Celevant include

Meat Center Ibérica, has a feed factory with more than 30 years of experience. In order to provide the best food, all raw materials are subjected to exhaustive quality controls, as is the case with the final product.

It also offers the feed manufacturing service to third parties under our own advice and formulation to meet each need.

UGASA carefully controls the selection of calves for purchase. It integrates the animals for fattening in its own farms and those of third parties in an exclusive production cycle for Meat Center Ibérica. It produces between 40,000 and 50,000 animals a year.

It has a human team of veterinarians and controllers who, following the SELF-CONTROL PLAN designed by the company, develop and successfully carry out all the production and fattening of cattle, as well as Animal Welfare.

In 2018, all the machinery was updated and the new filleting and processing rooms were redesigned, with this we seek to obtain the best product for our clients and to be able to adapt to their requirements.

The geographical location of the company and the fleet of lorries it has, make it possible to guarantee a fast and correct distribution, with maximum flexibility and availability, carried out through Mortretrans.

For Celevant, exhibiting at Alimentaria “allows to promote B2B meetings and get more out of the meetings because the visitors are exclusively related to the sector”. Participating in Alimentaria «allows us to form part of and represent the most important companies in the meat sector in Spain».

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