What do our exhibitors think in Alimentaria: Natural Casing: a competitive, highly productive and specialized sector


Spanish Natural Casing Association, brings together companies dedicated to the import and export of both national casings and those from Third Countries. Created in 1984, its purpose is to unite and represent the natural casing sector in Spain, demonstrating that it is a competitive, highly productive and specialized sector. Vicente Gallent has been president of the association since 2018. And he has led the association to be very demanding with its members, fighting for the revaluation of this sector and for it to be more professional and specialized every day. AETRIN has become part of Anafric, an association that is getting bigger and stronger every day.

Until April 7, AETRIN has been present at the Anafric shared stand.

Do you know how to identify a meat product stuffed with natural casing?

The shape of stuffed meat products is often irregular in shape and size, providing a more natural curved appearance.
In the labeling of the product it is indicated as an ingredient Tripa Natural.

Did you know that Natural Casings do not generate waste and are completely safe for our environment? All questions, at our Alimentaria stand.

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