What do our exhibitors think in Alimentaria: Productes del Cinquè Quart (PCQ)

Productes del Cinquè Quart, S.A. (PCQ), is dedicated exclusively to the production, handling and marketing of by-products from all the animals slaughtered at the Mercabarna Slaughterhouse and at the Sabadell Slaughterhouse. From April 4 to 7, and together with Anafric, PCQ participates in a multi-exhibitor stand.

They have 2,500 m2 of facilities, 500 m2 of cold rooms, a 2,000 m3 freezing chamber and a 150 m3 freezing tunnel which, together with the use of the most advanced technologies in the sector with which they obtain greater use of the raw material – the offal products -, a group of highly qualified professionals, compliance with the hygienic-sanitary regulations established today by the EU, a traceability system that guarantees a strict detailed knowledge of the product from the moment the animal is born to the consumer final.

PCQ performs all health controls based on the principles of the hazard analysis system and critical control points and compliance with environmental requirements, all of this, together with its privileged geographical location, just 10 km from the center of Barcelona. Its connection with the main communication routes (national and European motorway network, TIR terminal, container port, international airport…), mean that both the quality of its final product and its subsequent distribution guarantee assured quality.


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