What is it to be sustainable? Produce today without risking tomorrow’s production

The turbulent times we are going through should make us aware of the importance of strengthening our strengths and facing our weaknesses. Spanish society must be aware of the immense cultural and social heritage provided by family agriculture and livestock, which guarantee everyone’s food in a sustainable, responsible and conscious way.

The agri-food system that we have shaped in the most developed societies for a few decades allows us to enjoy all kinds of food in quantities, varieties and quality guarantees never seen in the history of humanity. In Spain we have managed to form an exemplary, modern, advanced and competitive agri-food chain, without losing the mostly family structure of the farms.

Spain is, due to our climate, our agricultural and livestock culture, added to our gastronomic tradition, a power in food production and distribution. Our primary sector is the basis of much of the success of our country. It is a certainty that our food and our gastronomy have been a vector of success for our tourism or for our most important industrial sector: food.


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