What is the IAWS Animal Welfare Seal for the pig sector?

The IAWS (INTERPORC ANIMAL WELFARE SPAIN) is the certification seal created by INTERPORC,, the interprofessional of the white coat pig, to endorse the good practices carried out in matters of animal welfare, health, biosecurity, animal handling and traceability, in all the links of the value chain of white-coated pigs in Spain.

In order to obtain the IAWS seal, in addition to the Community legal regulations on animal welfare, other more demanding requirements must be met, which represent an additional plus in matters related to animal health and sanitation, biosecurity, animal housing, food safety. , traceability and the environment. The IAWS technical regulations can be downloaded at this link.

The IAWS certification seal allows the consumer to recognize that a product has been produced with the maximum guarantees in terms of animal welfare and food safety and is the most effective way of transmitting the commitment of the Spanish white layer pig sector to quality.

The Spanish pig sector has been working for years to be more sustainable and for the animals to enjoy greater well-being. For this reason, farmers, cooperatives, merchants and industries, butchers … in short, all the links in the swine chain, gathered in the Interprofessional Organization of the White-Layer Swine
(Interporc), have agreed on and promoted the “Certified Welfare Commitment” seal.

The technical regulation of animal welfare and biosecurity INTERPORC ANIMAL WELFARE SPAIN ensures compliance with the five principles of animal welfare established by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE):

  • Animals free from hunger, thirst and malnutrition
  • Animals free of fear and anguish
  • Animals free from physical or thermal discomfort
  • Animals free from pain, injury or disease
  • Free animals to express their own behavior patterns.



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