What is the role of ruminants in mitigating climate change?

We show you a video presented at the recent COP25 and produced as part of the BC3 contribution to the summit and under the H2020 iSAGE project https://www.isage.eu/

The video tries to illustrate graphically why ruminants are not to blame for climate change.

Different arguments are shown regarding the differences between biogenic methane emissions from ruminants and fossil fuel CO2, differences in production systems and uncertainties regarding N2O emissions and the reference line to compare Ruminant emissions compared to other activities.

The iSAGE project involves 34 partners from: Greece, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom of which 17 belong to the industry and 17 to research institutions.

The main objective of the iSAGE project is to improve the global sustainability and innovative capacity of the sheep and goat sector in Europe.

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