What our exhibitors think of Alimentaria: Ecològica dels Pirineus

Ecològica dels Pirineus, is a company dedicated to the production of healthy and quality food, respecting the environment, animal welfare and promoting local development. From April 4 to 7, Ecològica dels Pirineus participates in the stand together with Anafric.

It is a totally ecological company. The organic livestock production system implies the adoption of a series of general criteria and techniques, which can be summarized as:


  • sustainability
  • Conservation of the environment and the natural environment
  • Maximum respect for the welfare and protection of animals
  • Avoid the use of synthetic chemicals, antibiotics and GMOs throughout the production process




It is also a certified company that contributes to integrating animal welfare into the food chain, offering maximum information and transparency to the consumer. It is the most effective way of transmitting the commitment to good practices.

Its facilities allow the company to evolve towards the concept of “circular economy”, minimizing the consumption of resources and the generation of waste. As it does?

  • Aiming for zero waste.
  • Wastewater treatment neutralizing the chemical components of cleaning products.
  • Selective collection of plastic/paper waste.

In addition, as part of the previous points, they also base their strategy on ecodesign: packaging with the aim of reducing its environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the products.

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