You are still in time to participate in Meat Attaction, the benchmark fair for the meat world in Southern Europe

MEAT ATTRACTION, organized by IFEMA MADRID and ANICE; It has become a reference and necessary fair for all operators in the meat sector; a backbone platform for activity and business and internationalization opportunities for exhibitors, visitors and buyers. Meat Attraction 2022 is presented as the main promotional instrument for the meat industry with the aim of boosting international commercial activity and promoting training and interaction between professionals from the Meat Industry as a whole.

In parallel with the face-to-face event, Meat Attraction LIVE Connect is the new digital platform for international networking that enriches and promotes the call before the face-to-face event from March 8 to 10. LIVE Connect becomes the largest community and professional social network in the world for the meat industry throughout its value chain.



Some initiatives linked to Meat Attraction

Meat Week (from March 4 to 13)

Campaña nacional sectorial al consumidor final para informar sobre las propiedades, valores y cualidades nutricionales de productos cárnicos, por grupos poblacionales. Durante esta semana se desarrollarán actividades dirigidas a profesionales del sector y al público en general, orientadas a poner en valor los beneficios de la carne en una alimentación saludable, variada y equilibrada.

The butcher´s shop

Exhibition area of ​​solutions and novelties at the service of the specialization of butchers and delicatessens; as well as all the innovation and activities to make visible, give prestige to the profession and help our professionals evolve.

In addition, in this edition, we will have a complete program of activities aimed at professionals in the specialized trade of meat and its derivatives. The international guest who visits us is Renzo Garibaldi, considered by many to be the best butcher in Latin America and one of the best in the world.

On the other hand, together with Carnimad, the organization will reward the best specialized butchers, pork butchers, poultry makers and casqueros, who will be able to demonstrate everything they are capable of in the three contests that will take place at The Butcher’s Shop:

  • Young Butchers Contest
  • Best artisan burger contest
  • Digitization Awards.


Factoría Chef

Space at Meat Attraction whose objective is the dissemination, innovation and gastronomic interpretation of meat products to publicize the culinary opportunities and gastronomic innovation, quality, variety and versatility of its products.





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