Zafra joins the Municipal Cattle-Meat Network and highlights the relevance of the sector for the economy, society, culture and gastronomy of the municipality

The City Council of Zafra (Badajoz) has joined the Municipal Livestock-Meat Network, a platform with which the interprofessional organizations of the meat chain (Asici, Avianza, Intercun, Interovic, Interporc and Provacuno) want to thank the vital role they play municipalities to facilitate the development of this activity in rural areas. The municipal plenary session approved an institutional declaration in support of the country’s meat-livestock chain, in which its majority presence in rural areas stands out as one of the pillars of the Spanish agri-food sector, the more than two million jobs it generates at the level national and its economic contribution to agricultural and industrial production.

In Zafra, more than 500 jobs created in the municipality are generated to meet the needs of livestock, slaughterhouses, meat industries, large-scale stores and existing retailers, through the activity of the livestock and meat sector, which represents a total of five thousand million euros in turnover, as it is concentrated in the Iberian pig sector.

The Municipal Livestock-Meat Network is an initiative that also aspires to become a platform for dialogue between the private and public sectors at the municipal level. The objective is to seek synergies to promote the conditions that have allowed the livestock-meat chain to become the main economic engine of many of the country’s municipalities and cities. The economic and social power of the chain has also allowed its activity to become one of the main backbones of Rural Spain.

The main reason is the ability of livestock and meat companies to create quality jobs in the municipalities, which allows many residents to continue living in the same towns where they were born and depopulation is mitigated. With the permanence of the inhabitants, other problems related to population decline are also avoided, such as the loss of social services, leisure alternatives, etc.

How to join the Network
The municipalities that wish to be part of the Municipal Livestock-Meat Network must approve in the municipal plenary session an institutional declaration in favor of the meat-livestock chain and accompany this decision with a communicative action. All the necessary information about the process, the purposes of the Municipal Network and the contact form are available on the platform’s website.

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