ZBE: Low Emission Zone in Barcelona: One-year moratorium on commercial vehicles

The ZBE Rounds of Barcelona will limit the circulation of the most polluting vehicles, those that do not have the environmental mark of the DGT, on weekdays between 7 am and 8 pm in the area limited by the rounds (B10 and B20) that surround Barcelona city.


According to the Barcelona City Council, the city exceeds the pollution levels set by the WHO on a daily and continuous basis. This constant exposure to harmful particles affects the health and development of children. The objective, with this measure, is to reduce NO2 emissions caused by traffic mainly by 15%.

Companies and drivers individually have begun to make claims.

  • Non-commercial vehicles that skip the ban during the established hours will have a fine of € 100 instead of the € 200 announced.
  • Tolerance to professional vehicles. There is already a ONE YEAR moratorium that allows all trucks, vans and coaches to circulate in Barcelona, ​​regardless of their age during the year 2020.
  • From 2021 on, professional vehicles will have to take advantage of restrictions, although there is a possibility that filters will be installed that reduce the level of emissions and allow them to continue circulating in the city of Barcelona for a few more years.

Anafric, through Pimec Agroalimentaria, an entity of which it holds the vice presidency, requests that professional vehicles can exhaust their useful life, so it raises sectorial exceptions.

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