1192/5000 Interovic promotes the consumption of lamb in homes due to the closure of the hospitality

The current closure of the restoration has eliminated one of the large consumption bags for suckling lamb. “In this scenario, enjoying our suckling lamb, lamb and kid meat in domestic kitchens is the only current alternative for the survival of the producer sector,” says the interprofessional Interovic.

Suckling lamb meat is available in the usual points of sale, such as markets and supermarkets, which is an opportunity to fill the shopping basket and enjoy its potential aromas, flavors and textures at home. The European origin of this product guarantees maximum levels of organoleptic quality and food safety, having been raised in a traditional way.

“Its production brings great benefits to the environment thanks to the promotion of biodiversity, sustainability and the prevention of forest fires. This makes lamb meat an ideal product that adapts to the needs of professional chefs and amateurs of the 21st century”, says Interovic.

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