14 million euros for agricultural, livestock, forestry and agri-food projects in Castilla y León

These are projects promoted by supraautonomous operational groups of the European Association for Innovation in terms of agricultural productivity and sustainability (AEI-Agri). These aids are part of measure 16.2 of the National Rural Development Program (PNDR) 2014-2022.




The projects correspond to the beneficiaries of the last two calls (2020 and 2022). Of these, 16 correspond to the 2020 call and 13 to the 2022 call (44.82 percent+ of the total). From the Government of Castillal y León it is specified that the future of livestock, agriculture and forests “goes through innovation, to improve competitiveness from technification and digitization and sustainability and respect for the environment”.


Livestock projects

Among the projects supported in livestock matters, almost 600,000 euros are allocated to promote a platform for the genetic and reproductive improvement of dairy sheep, through the processing and digitalization of data processing with artificial intelligence and another 600,000 for a study and evaluation of the impact of sustainable practices and digital tools on poultry production systems.

The MAPA has also granted a grant of 567,000 euros to develop a wool selection and classification project to improve the competitiveness of small sheep farms in which the Center for selection and genetic improvement of sheep and goat from Castilla y León (Ovigen).


There is also an initiative to “promote” the sustainability of wild cattle, increasing the added value of meat based on environmental sustainability based on the environmental, economic and social sustainability of its production in rural settings; and 360 innovative solutions are also studied for the sustainability of a new milk production system in farms with automated milking.


Also in livestock matters, a project is subsidized in the beef sector to improve the profitability of livestock farms through their digital transformation (430,000 euros); a wool selection and classification project to improve the competitiveness of small sheep farms (566,000 euros); or the investigation of a measurement of individual methane emissions on farms to move towards a decarbonization of Spanish dairy cattle in 2050 (250,000 euros).

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