4th edition of the International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day

On September 29, the fourth edition of the International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day will be celebrated, and there will be, as always, a clear call for action by the public and private sectors to reduce loss and waste. of food to transform agri-food systems and contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.





This year FAO has prepared the updated version of the “Get Involved” guide for IDAFLW 2023. The document provides key data and messages that can be used on this day, links to relevant resources on the topic from FAO and UNEP, as well as food loss and waste prevention actions that can be undertaken by both public and private stakeholders. , like consumers.

In addition, the European Commission together with the UN regional office in Brussels to commemorate this day has organized an in-person public event dedicated to the IDAFLW (”Réagir, Agir et Réduire”), for those people who are in Brussels that same day. September 29th. Various activities will take place, including a “debate” on food waste with stakeholders and civil society representatives, a zero-waste cooking demonstration and “recycled” food, and the screening of a fiction film related to food waste. feeding.


Anafric, involved

Next Friday, September 29, coinciding with the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, Anafric will present the website anafriczero.anafric.es, where the information that the sector is carrying out to stop the loss. AnafricZero will be presented, the campaign that will accompany all communications on waste.


Día: 29 de septiembre

Hora inicio: 13.00h

Hora final: 13.30h

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