9 out of 10 Spaniards have a positive opinion of beef

According to a Sigma Dos survey for Provacuno – the beef interprofessional organization – Spaniards like beef. So much so that 89.9% of them have a good or very good image of this meat that they consider, in an almost identical percentage, rich and tasty, with great nutritional value, a high contribution of quality proteins and, ultimately, necessary for a complete and healthy diet.

The study provides other significant data, such as that for 88.2% of Spaniards beef is very or quite important in traditional Spanish cuisine and 75.9% consider it typical of Mediterranean cuisine. Tradition and modernity are complementary, and 71.8% think that beef is very or quite important in modern cuisine.



The beef, well cut and “grilled”

Furthermore, for 73.6% of Spaniards, the wide variety of cuts of beef not only allows for a wide variety of gastronomic experiences, but also positively affects the wallet, favoring affordable options. In this sense, it is those over 65 years of age who most highlight the variety of beef cuts.

How do we like to consume beef?

Grilled is the preferred option for almost 4 out of 10 Spaniards (38.7%), followed by stew as a method of preparation (favorite option of 16.7%) and barbecue (14%). Furthermore, beef fillet is the easiest and quickest option to prepare compared to other types of dishes: 31.5% of Spaniards judge it this way, while 25.9% consider it the salad and 15. 6%, the pasta.

Although we live in a time where inflation is worrying, 61.8% consider that beef is the food that increases the least during Christmas and almost half (47.1%) consider that it cannot be included in their Christmas menu. missing some beef dish. It rises less… and is more usable: comparing different types of fresh food, Spaniards consider that beef is the one that generates the least waste.

Javier López has expressed his satisfaction upon verifying that 90% of Spaniards value beef positively, and encourages “to consume it this Christmas due to its price, cooking versatility, variety of cuts, diversity of recipes and excellent quality.”

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