Agricultural organizations protest before the EU Agriculture Ministers, meeting in Córdoba

With the aim of demanding “a fairer, sustainable and respectful food system for the rural world”, various social, environmental, consumer and agricultural organizations have gathered in Córdoba where the Informal Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture (RIM) has taken place. of the European Union. According to Europa Press, the protest is due to “the situation of defenselessness suffered by farmers and ranchers in the face of the policies carried out from Brussels.”



The convening organizations (Agro-food Cooperatives and the agricultural organizations Asaja, COAG and UPA) have expressed the importance of “there being decisive support from society and public policies towards an agri-food model based on agroecology and food sovereignty.” .

The Spanish countryside also demands “equal” treatment for European production and those from third countries and to this end they consider it “fundamental” to intensify border controls to guarantee the entry of food produced “under the same phytosanitary, labor and quality requirements to which European producers are obliged to”, as highlighted by El Día de Cordoba.

“We agree,” says the president of Asaja, Pedro Barato, El País, “on the need for sustainable agriculture, but for sustainability to exist, the first thing is that there is a profitable agricultural activity for professionals because, otherwise “There will be no farmers and ranchers, nor sustainability.”

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